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About (the new owners)


Jeremy and Tricia Clark purchased Sunset Point Marina in January of 2023.  That might sound like the start of a great adventure, but the origin story goes way back to 2014.  Tricia booked a weekend on a vintage wooden yacht in Manteo, North Carolina.  The pair had a great time and thought "maybe we could do this all the time, if we had our own old wooden yacht".  Several months later, the pair did indeed have their very own high maintenance classic wooden dream boat in their home port of Urbanna.  After several years of weekending at the river, they figured "living closer would allow us to spend more time on the water and less time driving".  So, they literally sold the farm in Hanover County and relocated to Middlesex County.  A year later, they traded their big wooden yacht for a big wooden Deadrise, as one is likely to do - it just seemed right.  Of course, the thought did occur to them that one day owning a marina would facilitate spending even more time waterfront.  That pretty much brings us to the current moment.  Owning and operating Sunset Point Marina is the next step in Jeremy and Tricia's unlikely river adventure!

Jeremy and Tricia are excited to share their love of the water and their love of the Urbanna area with everyone who visits Sunset Point Marina.  They truly want this to be a place where everyone feels welcome, whether they live in the local community or dream of living in the local community.  The relaxed and welcoming atmosphere will remain, but there are big plans for this little marina. 


Stay tuned to this website and social media for exciting improvements and upgrades.

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